Thank you, Covid-19, it’s been real

Thank you, Covid-19. So far this month, I have cleaned my house throughly, learned to be a 2nd grade substitute teacher, organized every cupboard and drawer and found novel ways to workout in my house. I’ve also been visited by waves of anxiety, overeating, drinking more than usual, sadness verging on depression and too muchContinue reading “Thank you, Covid-19, it’s been real”

Is cardio making you fat?

Spending more than 3 hours a week doing some sort of sweaty cardio workout, but still not seeing results? Cardiovascular exercise is linked to being healthier and living longer. And if you’ve decided to shed a few pounds, you probably have tried doing more cardio. If you are grinding away at hours of cardio everyContinue reading “Is cardio making you fat?”

Warm ups: What and Why

The last 3 years has been a settling in process. Moving from the UK back to the States has felt weirdly foreign instead of an easy slip back into being an American. These 3 years have also been a transition from my CrossFit and small boutique fitness world and back into a large nationwide healthContinue reading “Warm ups: What and Why”

Women at War: Me against my body Part 3

Polona Fonda, of FONDA Strong – the magazine dedicated to sport and strong women – asked me to offer my views on modern dieting habits and body hate among women.  This is part 3 of our interview. Click here to read Part 1 Click here to read part 2 Chapter 3/3  9. What are someContinue reading “Women at War: Me against my body Part 3”


Polona Fonda asks: What drives me, and millions of other women, to see our bodies as our enemies?  You are reading the second chapter of our conversation on the issues of body hate and disordered eating. Chapter 2/3   4. People are quick to judge; whenever they see an obese person they immediately label them as lazy. But that’s not really theContinue reading “WOMEN AT WAR: ME AGAINST MY BODY PART 2”

4 Resolutions that have Nothing to do with Body Weight (but will totally transform your body)

As the obesity epidemic takes its place as a the biggest health crisis of our generation, it’s no wonder that weight loss goals top the charts for our New Year’s Resolutions.  The sad fact is that the majority will fail in their efforts to lose weight.  Just weight gain is almost never down to aContinue reading “4 Resolutions that have Nothing to do with Body Weight (but will totally transform your body)”

Best Ways to Sabotage Your Weight Loss

If you are overweight despite all you best efforts, it’s not being lazy.  But you are probably sabotaging your weight loss, possibly without even realising it.  When we fail to lose weight, or keep it off, we become critical of ourselves and focus on the failure.  It’s tough to step back and get an honestContinue reading “Best Ways to Sabotage Your Weight Loss”

Motivation: Not actually what you’re looking for

One of the most common complaints I hear from people seeking help from me in my capacity as a personal trainer or psychologist is that they lack motivation.  If only they had more motivation, they would be able to address that big problem – lose weight, get a new job, fix their relationships, achieve theirContinue reading “Motivation: Not actually what you’re looking for”

Your inner rebel: Make it work for you

We all have that bit in us that says, ‘Damn it, I’ll do what I want’.  It’s kind of like our inner 2-year-old screaming out in full tantrum.  It might not be what’s best for us, but for that moment we want it.  Logical or not, it’s part of being a person – that rawContinue reading “Your inner rebel: Make it work for you”