I have been talking to Polona Fonda about the battles women have with their bodies.  Polona is a weightlifter, writer and advocate for strong women.  Her online magazine, FONDA Strong is an inspirational resource offering engaging stories and profiles on all things sporty, female and, of course, strong.  Here’s a copy of our exchange on women’s body imageContinue reading “WOMEN AT WAR: ME AGAINST MY BODY”

Un-Tapped Potential: Your unconscious as a resource for performance

‘Can you read my mind?’ some uncomfortable folks ask, with fear and curiosity, when they know I am a psychologist.  Erm, no, psychology is less about magic and more about science.  But I do understand where this comes from – the perhaps more mysterious sounding parts of psychology’s history and work.  The little bit frighteningContinue reading “Un-Tapped Potential: Your unconscious as a resource for performance”

Getting past your lifting plateaus: A conversation with Giles Greenwood

I recently shared a coffee with weightlifting legend, Giles Greenwood, to discuss the phenomenon of lifters failing at a mere kilogram above the weight they have marked out as their personal best.  Giles has enjoyed a long and successful competitive career in weightlifting, representing Great Britain and winning a gold medal for snatch in theContinue reading “Getting past your lifting plateaus: A conversation with Giles Greenwood”