Performance Coaching

Coaching can help in overcoming barriers, making decisions and reaching goals.  It is specific and time limited; aiming to increase clarity and focus on goal directed behavior.

Coaching can be useful for issues related to weight loss/body changes, professional achievement, personal development and athletic performance.  Coaching sessions can be face-to-face or conducted via phone or Skype/FaceTime.

Coaching sessions are usually around 50 min and the number of sessions will vary depending on the coaching issue being addressed.  Please feel free to contact me for more information and to discuss your specific requirements.

Training and Seminars for Groups

Seminars and training is available on a range of issue related to wellness and performance.  Previous seminars have included:

  • Understanding Mentalities for Performance for Sports Coaches and Fitness Professionals
  • Psychological Factors in Weight Gain and Mindsets for Healthy Weight
  • ‘Burn Out’: Understanding and helping exhausted professionals – A brief seminar for medical professionals located in the City of London as part of the launch of a new treatment center in the City of London

Other common topics include:

  • Assertive Communication Tools
  • Cognitive Behavioral techniques for Managers or Physicians
  • Women’s Body Image: Developing a healthy relationship with your body
  • Predictors of High Performers
  • Team Building and Conflict Resolution Skills


Freelance Writing

Use my voice for your publication or organization.  I am an established writer for academic audiences, blogs, product websites and magazines.  My areas of expertise include:

  • Psychology and Mental Health
  • Health, Fitness and Exercise
  • Body image
  • Performance and Motivation

I also write in my other areas of interest: parenthood, women’s issues in sport, weightlifting and CrossFit.