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Therapy Today, April 2014, When the Bully is a Fellow Therapist
This article was inspired by experiences therapists often talk about in hushed voices in the corridors, but was missing from any existing guidance for practitioners.  Dr Kierski and I spoke to several psychologists, psychotherapists and trainees who had been bullied at some point in their careers.  Besides being an engaging read on its own, the article has sparked off further research and debate about how the mental health professions care for their own.

BoxRox: Competitive Fitness Magazine, December 2015, Big Girls Don’t Cry    Driven by personal experience as a female athlete struggling at times to find the appropriate aggression in competition, I  draw on research and best practice to provide suggestions for women and coaches in the CrossFit community.


Bulk Powders, September 2015, Orthorexia: The rising eating disorder for fitness fanatics 

While not recognised as a psychiatric disorder, Orthorexia is increasingly being cited by clinicians as a growing problem for clients.  Masked often as ‘clean eating’ or sticking to macros, Orthorexia becomes a consuming set of anxiety-driven eating behaviours that ultimately limit healthy functioning – physically and psychologically.

BoxRox: Competitive Fitness Magazine, June 2015, What Exactly is the Problem with Bulk, Ladies? 

Female athletes often face a battle between following the ideals of traditional feminine beauty and creating a body built for performance.  This article aims to question where our fears of muscularity come from and how to cope with the conflicting demands of a body suited for sport and social norms for the female form.

Bulk Powders, August 2015, Clean Eating with the Kids 

As a mother and an athlete, I understand the struggle between enjoying food with children and meeting our nutritional needs.  It’s not easy to strike a balance, but so vitally important for my success and for the sake of my child’s future eating habits.  This article provides some of my personal tips and suggestions to get the whole family on board.