Fitness, Coaching and Personal Training

I teach group fitness and indoor cycling classes exclusively at Life Time.  I also coach a strength and conditioning program (Alpha Strong) and train athletes and clients 1:1.  Want to try a class?  Message me for a guest pass!  I also have 5 discount codes every month for massive discounts on joining fees and monthly membership dues.  Happy to share, so get in contact if you’re ready!


I am a USAW Level 1 coach and a competitive Olypimic Weightlfter, 71kg, Masters division.  Weightlifting became a passion for me as I approached 40.  It’s taught me so much – patience, perseverance, body awareness, mastering my inner dialogue – that I just have to share it!

Women have particular challenges in getting engaged with sport generally, but especially in strength sports, like olympic weightlifting.  I’ve focused on some of these challenges in research and magazine articles as well as with the athletes I coach.  Body image issues and how strong women confront social norms are my areas of expertise.