Motivation: Not actually what you’re looking for

One of the most common complaints I hear from people seeking help from me in my capacity as a personal trainer or psychologist is that they lack motivation.  If only they had more motivation, they would be able to address that big problem – lose weight, get a new job, fix their relationships, achieve theirContinue reading “Motivation: Not actually what you’re looking for”

Your inner rebel: Make it work for you

We all have that bit in us that says, ‘Damn it, I’ll do what I want’.  It’s kind of like our inner 2-year-old screaming out in full tantrum.  It might not be what’s best for us, but for that moment we want it.  Logical or not, it’s part of being a person – that rawContinue reading “Your inner rebel: Make it work for you”

Zero to One: the hardest step

I have the privilege of working with what I see as the entire breadth human abilities. From those who are struggling to maintain a healthy level of general functioning, to those cautiously approaching a positive change, to those who are taking their performance to an even higher level. Although dealing with a high achieving individualContinue reading “Zero to One: the hardest step”

Getting a grip: responsibility vs blame for obesity and the role of compassion in finding fitness

Day one of a training course on psychological approaches to obesity.  High point: a refresher on the role of insulin in weight gain and fat retention.  Low point: when all the women in the room, except me – but including the trainer – raised their hands to say that they would like to lose coupleContinue reading “Getting a grip: responsibility vs blame for obesity and the role of compassion in finding fitness”