Surviving Gym Culture: Crush it before it crushes you

I step in the gym, and I feel it.  Maybe I’m too sensitive.  It might be all in my mind.  But I’m sure that I’m on the outside of the ‘in’ crowd.  I feel for just a moment like the little, socially awkward girl I was in school – never quite fitting in and feelingContinue reading “Surviving Gym Culture: Crush it before it crushes you”

Establishing an At-Home Exercise Routine

The following is a piece I worked on recently with about exercising at home.  Enjoy! Building a regular and interesting exercise routine can be a daunting prospect for those new to it. A plethora of unanswered questions can loom over you: How often do I need to exercise? How long should my workout sessions be?Continue reading “Establishing an At-Home Exercise Routine”

4 Resolutions that have Nothing to do with Body Weight (but will totally transform your body)

As the obesity epidemic takes its place as a the biggest health crisis of our generation, it’s no wonder that weight loss goals top the charts for our New Year’s Resolutions.  The sad fact is that the majority will fail in their efforts to lose weight.  Just weight gain is almost never down to aContinue reading “4 Resolutions that have Nothing to do with Body Weight (but will totally transform your body)”

Un-Tapped Potential: Your unconscious as a resource for performance

‘Can you read my mind?’ some uncomfortable folks ask, with fear and curiosity, when they know I am a psychologist.  Erm, no, psychology is less about magic and more about science.  But I do understand where this comes from – the perhaps more mysterious sounding parts of psychology’s history and work.  The little bit frighteningContinue reading “Un-Tapped Potential: Your unconscious as a resource for performance”

Getting past your lifting plateaus: A conversation with Giles Greenwood

I recently shared a coffee with weightlifting legend, Giles Greenwood, to discuss the phenomenon of lifters failing at a mere kilogram above the weight they have marked out as their personal best.  Giles has enjoyed a long and successful competitive career in weightlifting, representing Great Britain and winning a gold medal for snatch in theContinue reading “Getting past your lifting plateaus: A conversation with Giles Greenwood”

Best Ways to Sabotage Your Weight Loss

If you are overweight despite all you best efforts, it’s not being lazy.  But you are probably sabotaging your weight loss, possibly without even realising it.  When we fail to lose weight, or keep it off, we become critical of ourselves and focus on the failure.  It’s tough to step back and get an honestContinue reading “Best Ways to Sabotage Your Weight Loss”

Motivation: Not actually what you’re looking for

One of the most common complaints I hear from people seeking help from me in my capacity as a personal trainer or psychologist is that they lack motivation.  If only they had more motivation, they would be able to address that big problem – lose weight, get a new job, fix their relationships, achieve theirContinue reading “Motivation: Not actually what you’re looking for”

Your inner rebel: Make it work for you

We all have that bit in us that says, ‘Damn it, I’ll do what I want’.  It’s kind of like our inner 2-year-old screaming out in full tantrum.  It might not be what’s best for us, but for that moment we want it.  Logical or not, it’s part of being a person – that rawContinue reading “Your inner rebel: Make it work for you”

Zero to One: the hardest step

I have the privilege of working with what I see as the entire breadth human abilities. From those who are struggling to maintain a healthy level of general functioning, to those cautiously approaching a positive change, to those who are taking their performance to an even higher level. Although dealing with a high achieving individualContinue reading “Zero to One: the hardest step”

Getting a grip: responsibility vs blame for obesity and the role of compassion in finding fitness

Day one of a training course on psychological approaches to obesity.  High point: a refresher on the role of insulin in weight gain and fat retention.  Low point: when all the women in the room, except me – but including the trainer – raised their hands to say that they would like to lose coupleContinue reading “Getting a grip: responsibility vs blame for obesity and the role of compassion in finding fitness”