Diary of a detox, day 8/9: Light at the end of the tunnel


If you have remained sugar-free with me since day 1, eliminated processed foods and been eating clean, you should be starting to feel pretty good about now. Not only are the habits getting easier to follow as they become part of your routine, but also the physical cravings will have subsided as your body is less ravaged by the highs and lows I’m blood sugar. I felt the energy to get up to the alarm at 6am rather than the foggy-headed, lead-footed feeling I had been suffering in the morning.

Some common things that might have appeared during your diet clean up, but are now clearing up are skin complaints, digestive changes, grogginess and lack of energy, sniffles or a cold. My skin had a breakout of itchy, dry patches. Clients of mine who have been eating clean over the last 8/9 days have also suffered skin breakouts and even changes to menstrual cycles, with periods coming early or late. All of this is really common, although if any symptoms continue beyond a few days or get worse, be sure to see your doctor.

But maybe you’ve been following this diary of a detox but not taken on the clean eating routine. That’s ok. Change happens is stages and you are probably contemplating a change at this point. What stands between thinking about change and actual change is a decision that this change is worth the sacrifices. No matter how much we wish for better health, more energy, a better body, less achy joints/backs, we know that certain things will require effort, sacrifice and difficulty.

That’s not to say that the contemplating stage is negative or lazy in any way. Simply that it is natural. It’s part of our human nature to approach change in this way. So if you’re not 8-9 days into a sugar-free 2014, don’t worry. And don’t beat yourself up. Keep engaging with the idea. Think about what would need to change and how you could possibly make that happen. And bear in mind that even one small change can have massive implications down the line.


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