Diary of a detox, day2


Last night, I set the alarm for 5.50am.  Today is my first full day at work since the beginning of December.  It’s been a long, rejuvenating break, but that brutal time staring back at me from the alarm yanked me firmly into reality.  As brutal as it seemed, I knew I needed a good breakfast, so I sighed and set it again.  5.45am.

Breakfast.  Such a vital part of any nutritional plan.  Without it you will fail.  Throughout my detox, I will be consistently focusing on the underlying metabolic and hormonal issues caused by bad eating habits.  This will help to guide my choices and I hope gives you some inspiration, too.

First, realise this: body fat and the complications related to it are about insulin and blood sugar.  Insulin levels determine whether the body is storing excess energy as fat or not.  Insulin is a hormone that aims to regulate blood sugar.  Blood sugar too high, insulin levels are raised to cope.  Body fat is not about calories.  It’s about blood sugar and insulin.

Likewise, blood sugar that’s too low will cause issues.  You will be starving and when you do eventually eat, your body will aim to maintain a balance in future by storing more fat.  But essentially, what you will notice are cravings for sweet, sugary, fatty foods.  Not great for a detox!

So as I begin my detox, I know that I have indulged in too many foods that sent my blood sugar soaring.  Chocolate, bread, alcohol.  Sugar, even in the amazing BBQ sauce that made the Christmas family feast I still salivate over.  I feel the results of my treats: bloated, tight trousers, bad skin, stuffy nose, sleepy and sluggish.  Even doing a little sick in my mouth during a recent tough workout.  Gross, I know, but all related to blood sugar and insulin.

The goal of my detox is to feed myself in a manner that will stabilise blood sugar and provide plenty of nutritnets to restore my health.  Every meal is a chance to recover, lose fat and get healthier.  And so, breakfast is key.  I started my day with 3 eggs and a whole courgette fried in a little organic butter and half an orange.  A meal that is roughly 30% protein, 30% fat and 40% carbohydrate -a good guide for every meal this month.  I was shovelling it down as I rushed out the door, but an extra 5 minutes was all it took and I was off to a great day.





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