Diary of a detox

Welcome to a new year!  And welcome to my diary of a detox!  Over the next month, I will be chronicling what it feels like to come off the sugar, refined carbohydrates, alcohol and processed foods I’ve been enjoying over my indulgent December.  If you are doing the same, or considering a diet clean-up, join me as we explore the ups and downs, triumphs and pitfalls of the January detox.


Firstly, let me make clear that I will not be cutting back on calories, surviving on juices or relying on supplements.  A quick google of the word ‘detox’ frightens me!  I would not recommend any plan that promises huge weight loss in a short period of time or asks you to substitute real food for liquids or  requires starvation.  For me, detox means getting away from sugars, toxins in processed foods and the refined carbohydrates that for many of us cause inflammation, even if only mildly.  Detox means eating lots of whole foods, rich in nutrients, drinking lots of water and setting back onto the clean eating path I normally follow.  Your body will be healthier as a result, will lose fat, but the focus should not be on quick, unsustainable weight loss.


So, if you are following me on this journey, here’s what I recommend: Eat lots of protein (meat, fish, eggs), lots of vegetables, some fruit, raw nuts and seeds, the occasional starch and absolutely no sugar.  Coming off the sweet taste is tough, so I will also be limiting things like honey to help my taste buds readjust to the flavours of real food.  I will be including some meal ideas and recipes as we go, and also confronting the temptations, making better nutrition choices and yucky physical reactions or emotional challenges you might experience as you clean up your diet.

And so we start!  It’s easier to be motivated on January 1st.  Waking tired, with a slightly sore head and a bloated feeling makes me want to start these changes.  But initial motivation is only one part of the process.  Start today by writing down what you will hope to achieve through this process.  You can refer to this later when it gets tough.


Next start with a good breakfast!  I’m currently sipping black coffee, but I’ll be heading into the kitchen soon for 3 eggs, spinach and berries.  Get your own breakfast going, plan a healthy lunch and dinner and 1-2 snacks based on the principles above.  We’ll be in it together, so if I can answer any questions about my approach to detox, please post comments or email me at jessicajohns-green@hotmail.co.uk.


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