Breakfast and the portable omlette

Want to lose weight? Want to be fit? Want to be leaner? Stronger?  For any of these goals, breakfast is essential for your success.  Make breakfast a non-negotiable in your morning routine and you’ll be one step closer.

While it’s probably not surprising that being stronger and fitter requires good fuel first thing in the morning, you should know that sustainable, healthy weight loss is not possible without this most vital meal.  Not eating breakfast keeps your body in the fasting state it has been in throughout the night.  Whether you feel it or not, you are running on empty.  Without a dose of good nutrition first thing, you will be more likely to store fat.  By good nutrition, I’m talking about some protein, (ideally) non-grain carbohydrate and healthy fats not a cappuccino and croissant on your way to work.

Aside from the metabolic issues skipping breakfast causes, without it you will be more likely to have cravings and give into treats.  You might be among the many who do a little mental trade-off, thinking if you haven’t eaten yet, you have license to make up for it later.  Not this never help you towards your goal for the fat storage reason outlined above, but also binges later in the day make it harder to start the next day with a good breakfast.

Two most common barriers my clients tell me they have with breakfast are:

– I’m not hungry

– I don’t have time

If you are in the ‘not hungry’ camp, you have most likely become tuned out to the feelings of hunger in the morning.  This is your body’s way of coping with the deprived state it has had to contend with – time to change.  Even if you can’t stomach a whole meal, start having something first thing.  Stick with it and your feelings will change.

If you are in the ‘too busy’ camp, here’s my little trick – the portable omelette.  I love eggs for quick, affordable, protein-rich food at any time of the day, but especially at breakfast.  But I also don’t have time to stand over a stove.  So in between getting the little one ready and getting my mascara on, I get one of these going.  Unlike a conventional omelette, I let it set firmly – mainly because I have my hands full getting ready to get out of the house – but this has the extra benefit of making it easy to hold onto and munch on the go.



You need a non-stick pan.  Turn on the heat before you ad anything, letting the pan get a little hot.  Then add a pat of butter, while that melts I get the eggs ready.  Just crack them into a bowl and whisk with a fork, just a quick 2 seconds.  Then I pop a handful of ready washed spinach into the pan.  It only take a moment to sweat down, then I add the whisked eggs.  Salt and pepper if you like.  While it sizzles away, I can brush my teeth or get the little man’s shoes on.  I leave it until its fairly set before flipping over, pancake style.  A minute on the other side and it’s ready to go.  If I’m busy and I have to take it ‘to go’, I can leave it in the pan or let it cool on plate while we finish getting ready.  Once it’s a little cooled, I can roll it up like a tortilla and carry it with me in a piece of kitchen roll.  Yummy, too!

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